Hi I am Candace Janke owner of Sleepy Creek Pet Lodge.

My involvement in dogs started over 40yrs ago. Over the span of 4 decades I have shared my knowledge of dogs and their needs with my students.

The Janke family and students have won numerous awards in obedience, agility, field and conformation. Competing at the highest level in many invitational events; winning awards in local, national, and breed club rankings. 


Dogs learn by problem solving. Encouraging your puppy at an early age to learn and want to follow you is a habit. Getting your puppy to see the value in you and learn that you are the most fun thing in their day is the first goal in dog training. Building attention is a behavior we want our dogs to do willingly and offer on their own. By free shaping many of the early brain games we can get our dogs interested in participating with us.

For over 40 years the Janke family has been working with many breeds of dogs. Theses dogs provided us with a well rounded understanding of dog behaviors.

Private lessons are required before a dog can be enrolled in any group class. Group classes run an hour each week for six weeks.​

training classes offered

***Obedience classes
***Agility classes 
              Puppy Intro...Sequencing.....
              Private Training and Group Night
***Private classes

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Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge