Dogs learn by problem solving. They are built around natural instincts that we as humans need to understand to maximize the results you are seeking to find.

For over 30 years the Janke family has been working with many breeds of dogs. Theses dogs provided us with a well rounded understanding of dog behaviors. It is this information that is than passed onto our students and dogs in training.

We utilize games as a motivational way for your dog to learn. Treats and toys are also used as motivation however, food is only offered at early stages of training. As results are seen, food is removed and your dog will eventually establish new habits to keep them motivated.

Training is fun for your dog as they enjoy the challenges and interactions they have with their owners. We hope by giving them new and interesting things to do, the transition from puppy hood to adult hood is a smooth one.

These are just a few things offered in training your dog. Many students have gone on to a competitive level and have won numerous awards. Many of them ranking in the country.

training classes offered

***Obedience classes
***Agility classes Wednesdays at 1pm
              Puppy Intro...Sequencing.....
***Conformation Tuesday nights
              Private Training and Group Night
***Private classes

***Call for Pricing***

obedience classes

with Chris Bach

The last Monday of every month.

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Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge