Please print and fill out the above form and return it to Sleepy Creek.

* You must have a PDF viewer to open these documents.

*In addition to boarding, Sleepy Creek offers day stays for your furry friends as well. 

*Rates are dependent on the amount of hours your pet is with us.

*Please call today for additional information and rates.

Day Stay cat

We are equipped to board our feline friends too. 

Required for stay:

  • Feline leukemia
  • Rabies

Optional items:

  • Cat food with feeding instructions
  • Litter box and litter
  • Toys
  • Treats


Need a Break for Just the Day?

Day stay Dog 

Our philosophy in animal care is differant than what other pet facilities in the area provide. W have a facility set up for most dogs needs. 

Individual suits and regular turn out in large yards is a must for any dogs needs. We do work some dogs out together for interaction with training and proper evaluation.

Socially we want your dog to see us humans as a good friend spending the day in a controlled environment really gives your dog less stress and a more realistic routine.

A Day Stay contract and rules/regulations forms must be on file

Dogs that are staying for the day must have:

  • Collar (not chain or slip)

Optional items:

  • A blanket as long as its fits in wash machine
  • Toys should be clean and durable
  • Treats
  • Dog food with feeding instructions

***All dogs must have a 5 day grace periodif they attend a different daycare, dogpark or boarding facility to prevent the spread of viruses.***


Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge