bird boarding

Birds are welcome as well. It is highly recommended you bring their normal cage to keep them in. This will ensure they are the most comfortable during their stay. If that is not possible, a similar substitute will suffice.

Required for stay:

  • Their own food and treats with feeding instructions

*Dogs DO NOT need to be spayed or neutered to be boarded at SCPL. However, females coming into season or ones already in season, will need to be approved on a case by case basis. If approved, they will be subject to an additional $5 per day charge.

Please print and fill out the above forms and return them to Sleepy Creek.

* You must have a PDF viewer to open these documents.

our beliefs

We do not believe it is acceptable to charge people for time spent with their pet. We find all animals need the same care and should not be neglected because of someone's income level.

In addition, we do not believe dogs should only be let out twice a day. A dog's time away from home should be as stress free as possible. It is important for them to have a place to play and release excessive energy. This puts your dog in a great state of mind, so their stay is both interactive and safe. 

Dogs are on a continuous turn out; rotating outside regularly gives your dog the opportunity to do normal routines, climb on equipment, play in the pools (weather permitting), sit in the shade or chase a ball.

We understand that your pet is a pack animal but that pack is his family.

We don't believe turning your dog out with unfamiliar animals is in anyway a benefit to them. Dogs can spread a variety of bugs that can make them sick as well as getting themselves injured.

Boarded dogs do not get turned out with other dogs outside of their household. 


If this is your first time boarding, please fill out and bring in the 'First Time Boarding Paperwork' by pressing on the yellow button below.


Pets coming from out of state may be subject to additional vaccinations not required for pets residing in Wisconsin.

we highly recommend the flu shot for dogs.

Boarding your pet has risk!

Your contract shares all the hazards of staying at a boarding facility. By signing your contact you understand those risks. 

~UV lights produce natural rays that kill germs and control allergens 

~ Control germs, viruses, and fungi

~ Controls odors and VOC's

~ UV light is trusted air purifying method used in hospitals nationwide

cat boarding

We are equipped to board our feline friends too. To make their stay more comfortable you may bring their own litter box and litter. It is also recommended to bring any toys and treats they normally have.

Required for stay:

  • Cat food with feeding instructions
  • Feline leukemia
  • Rabies

All dogs/felines must be vaccinated and dogs must be on a flea preventative to use any of our services.



Dog Boarding

A boarding contract and rules/regulations forms must be on file

Dogs that are staying overnight must come with:

  • Dog food with feeding instructions/and medication instructions if needed
  • Dogs must have and come in on a buckle collar. We recommend bringing a regular leash. No retractable, no harness, no prong collar, and no martingale collars. This is for the safety of our staff, your pet, and a stress free interaction with your pet.

Optional items:

  • A blanket as long as its fits in wash machine and will not chew up
  • Toys should be clean and durable nothing with stuffing
  • Treats 

***All dogs must have a 5 day grace periodif they attend a different daycare, dogpark or boarding facility to prevent the spread of viruses.***


Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge