Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge



If your dog has been to another daycare, dog park or a different boarding facility you must wait 5 days before bringing the dog here. Our goal is to protect all dogs during their stay and feel its in your dogs best interest if we enforce this rule.


       We offer daycare during the week in small supervised groups. During this time they have play times inside and outside, as well as a nap time.
       Both young and old dogs are welcome; each is evaluated for safety. We do not discriminate breeds. Please call ahead of time for initial appointment.

Whether inside or outside (weather permitting) our Daycare area is the perfect size to run, play and burn excess energy.

daycare packages offered

                              10 day packages
                              20 day packages
                              50 day packages

Daycare appointments must be made For each Day your dog will be in attendance 

There are days we are at full capacity and are not in the position to take more dogs.

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