Sleepy Creek Pet  Lodge


Theory, Working and Problem Solving Seminar

   *Pricing: $225 for 2 day working spot

   *Audit spots: $75 for 2 days, $60 for 1 day

   *There are 24 working spots available. All working spots will have individual time on the floor with Connie.

   *There are unlimited auditing spots.

   *Return form and payment to Sleepy Creek Pet Lodge as soon as possible to secure your spot

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Connie is an internationally recognized dog trainer who offers weekend training seminars across the country and overseas. Her own experience includes 10 obedience trial champions, 2 field champions, 4 amateur field champions and a UDT Maltese and a CDX Shih Tzu. Connie has her own training and boarding facility in Greenville, NC.

Connie Cleveland

is coming to

Sleepy Creek Pet Lodge

March 11-12, 2018!

all spots are full!

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